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  • Camping

    For the ones who always welcome you Home! Our camping sites are safe and well lit with barbeque points at each site were smores by fire. Discovering the delights of an expansive ecological setting. Enjoy a romantic getaway, camping, forest walks and family escape. Long hours of storytelling, laughter around the campfire. We offer a full package for campers where tents, food and drinks can be served on order.

  • Bird Watching

    Get rewarded with many bird sightings without having to travel great distances or deep into the countryside. You can literally see them right from Ensulo Haven

  • Sport Fishing

    Sport fishing is perfect for family bonding or getting together as a group of friends. One does not need to have any prior experience fishing in order to take part in this sport.

  • Nature Walks

    At Ensulo Haven, nature speaks to you! The walks cover a distance of 4 Kms through the fresh and unpolluted breeze from the swaying trees that creates a psychedelic effect on you.

  • Fire Place

    Demystify the cold night air with a blazing bonfire for story telling, laughter, networking and bonding.